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I Give Up

Y'all can read the newest details on AlexandrasAdventuresinBooks post; I'm just too tired.


Actually, so tired that I'm feeling a bit antsy.  At the rate of A Troll A Day popping up on my reviews and elsewhere, with vitriol of the highest order, I can't help but wonder when words might give way to something a little more immediate?


OK, I have two Great Pyrenees.  They will eat trolls.

I Think We Just Crossed the "Stoopid Line"

— feeling angry

The saga of the Drama Queen BBA continues wherein she enlists another fangurl warrior to post the following screed:


From a comment by author Ann Margaret Lewis:


Hey, {XXXX} [name of the place in question], listen up.


You may find this whole thing hilarious, but let me point out a simple fact to you. Your drama prof started this whole thing. He's been hounding this woman for 10 years.


Honestly, has it been worth it to you? This amusement?


Now, I might be a lowly high school teacher of English and drama in a Catholic high school, but I am looking at the behavior of YOUR staff as rather petty and unprofessional to say the least. And as a teacher of juniors--you know, those kids who are about to choose their colleges--I plan to point out Ms. Vidal's post, and ask them to look at the reviews, etc., and how this professor of yours is treating her online. I want to ask them - is this the kind of (supposedly Catholic) prof you want grading your papers? Is this the kind of person from whom you wish to learn anything? Basically, I'm going to show them your profs behavior as an example of how not to behave when you get online when you enter the professional world.


I will also actively point them to other decent Catholic schools, like Franciscan University, Christendom, St. Thomas Aquinas, Catholic University of America...oh, heck, I'd point them to Notre Dame over you guys.


Let me put it this way. An individual professor may or may not like an author's work. But when the staff of a Catholic institution is amused when their peer *actively* tries to destroy an author's reputation and minuscule livelihood, regardless of whether she deserves it or not, I must admit this is not a Catholic school I would recommend to my dog.


Oh yes, I have a son entering high school. He won't be enrolling in your school either.

Have a nice day, [XXXX]. You might want to consider this the beginning of a trend." http://teaattrianon.blogspot.com/…/trolls-on-internet-and-n…

Ms Lewis is also a GR author of not much, and just came out of left field this afternoon.  I know this was posted on Vidal's facebook page, but I can't be certain, because of the hashtags, that she didn't also forward it to the school.

This meltdown is becoming tiresome, although I still have weapons I have yet to release.
Suggestions from you guys are welcome, as is moral support.

I am Famous!

Just joined an elite club over on Amazon, not because I intended to, wanted to, or rvn dreamed about such an honor, but simply because I wrote a short one-star review on a book which was nowhere near ready for public consumption. Within an hour, the wonderful trio of Kevin Weinberg, Maggie Spence, and Anne Rice jumped me, and all three doxxed me.


My Amazon name is The Just About Average Ms. M, which I've used for some time to avoid the slings and arrows of the unhinged.  But they reached back into the archives for old forum posts, found an academic book I wrote in 2001, and put it all out here, including a lively Weinberg Facebook page where he said what he was going to do. Here's the FB link. http://i.imgur.com/lJxF2XE.jpg


While I sincerely hope Ammy will deal with this, I am not counting on it.  n the meantime, I will continue to review as I see dit.


Thanks for listening.



Another One Goes Off the Reservation...and into the BBA Hall of Fame

Let's hear it for Richard Brittain and his physical attack on a Goodreads reviewer.  If there is any justice, his writing career, such as it was, will wither away and he'll be reduced to writing grievances while incarcerated.


What a little shit he is.  Only one-star reviews over on Amazon for this turd.  Needs to be amped up everywhere, I think.